New Gaming Hardware for 2018 and 2019

After a fantastic launch of great gaming hardware in 2017, 2018-2019 seem to be even more promising to the gaming world, thanks to the return to form of AMD. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, here is 2018-2019 top four gaming hardware that would probably enhance your gaming experience.

Return of AMD Ryzen

For 2018, AMD has made it clear they have lots of goodies in store for the game lovers. For instance, they have stated severally that they have the intention of improving their Zen and Ryzen architecture, and tweak it to become faster and attain better efficiency. Some of the improvements will involve Precision Boost 2, and faster frequencies.

Mainstream CPUs for Intel 8-core

In the spirit of Intel keeping up with AMD in gaming and mainstream, the most practical solution is to increase cores and threads. The latest news in the tech circles has it that Intel has plans to launch its eight-core CPUs later this year (2018), meaning that it would no longer be necessary for PC consumers to cough huge amounts of money to acquire the expensive X299 motherboard to enable them to have more than six cores.

Intel’s new graphics card

Reports in the gaming and technology field indicate that Intel has plans to launch a new graphics card, as early as CES 2019. So far, the company has concluded the GPU design and is involved in the preparations for the launch.

Intel Arctic sound and Jupiter sound

Intel has had plans to venture into the discrete GPU market. The company will, therefore, have a gaming variant for Arctic sound. At later stages, Jupiter Sound will succeed Arctic sound to constitute Intel graphics’ 13th generation. Based on the success that Arctic Sound will attract, gamers are likely to leap big, in terms of performance, going forward starting with Intel discrete graphics’ first generation – the Arctic Sound.