Best Data Recovery Tools for data recovery business

Losing important data is stressing and devastating.

However, there are tools that have been designed specifically for recovering the data from USB drives, CDs, DVDs SD cards and many more.

Some of the best data recovery tools for data recovery businesses are as follow;


This recovery tool is designed to regain data lost from corrupted media, virtual environment or hard drive. It has a specific tool used for recovery of photos. Some of its key features are;

  • Can retrieve an entire folder or even single documents.
  • Can recover databases, archives and ZIP files.
  • It can restore outlook Express and MS outlook.
  • Can retrieve files from SD cards, DVDs, CDs and USB drives.

The Data Rescue PC3

 This helps to recover data from computers that have crashed and cannot re-boot. This may be due to databases and file archives that have corrupted content. Some of the key features of this tool are;

  • Can recover lost, damaged and formatted files.
  • It can scan both deleted internal and external drives.
  • It can clone the computer hard drive.

Kroll Ontrack

This has three data recovery packages. The two of them are for small businesses and large enterprises. They are Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional, Ontrack EasyRecovery Home and Ontrack EasyRecovery Enterprises.


This tool can retrieve files from any media, but with the support of hundreds of other file formats. It can support over 200 file formats, this helps in reconstruction of lost files. The software has also the TestDisk that can be used to retrieve partitions.


This one helps in detection of unnamed files and ensures safe file deletion for deleted files. Some of the key features of this tool are;

  • Restoring data from mem cards, virtual disks and recycle bin.
  • It supports external, internal and network drives.

Recover My Files tool

This one helps to recover data from different formats. It focuses mainly on malicious content that has been compromised or corrupted. Some of the key features are;

  • Retrieving data from recycle bin
  • Recover data from RAW hard drives.
  • The Mini Tool Power data Recovery.
  • This one helps in file detection for small-medium businesses and large enterprises. Some of the key features are;

File preview

Recovery of music, emails, texts, videos among others.