Companies Ready For The Annual Data Recovery Test Despite Strict

 Several companies are expected  Recovery Data Center to participate in SIFMA BCP test entitled MIAX Options Exchange: MIAX 2016 Disaster Recovery Data Centre Test Plan. The exercise will be conducted in October 2016. The main purspose for this event is to carry out a number of data recovery tests.

 This will help companies determine the efficiency of their tools and technical improvements that should be made to improve recovery of data. SIFMA has called upon companies to participate in this very important activity whose outcome will have a huge positive impact on data recovery industry.

According to MIAX Rule number 321 and SCI Regulation, some MIAX members will have to fulfil compulsory requirements for them to participate in the disaster recover test. This kind of test is normally conducted every year.

Owing to the strict requirements, MIAX will use SIFMA Business Continuity Planning test to maximum advantage in order to qualify.

 Participants will also discuss about creating strategies that will help to identify risks and threats that face companies. This will help to ensure that assets of an organization are excellently protected from disaster. Different measures will be formulated and tested to determine if they can protect business.

Participants will also talk about the best technologies that can enable companies recover their lost data especially when the information in question is critical to the survival of the business. It is expected that some of the old technologies shall be wiped out.

 Companies will be encouraged to embrace the use of newer technologies with excellent features and amazing functionality. This will enable users recover data regardless of the kind of disaster that contributed to loss or damage.

 The steps taken when recovering data vary. They depend on the type of threat involved. Such threats include fire, physical damage, floods, earthquake and many more. It is expected that participants will discuss some of.

 the steps to enable companies employ the right procedure when faced with such problems. This explains why MIAX has such great interest in participating in the annual testing exercise. 

MIAX intends to give support to SIFMA Business Continuity Planning (BCP) by using disaster recovery platform. 

SIFMA conducts the testing exercise every year. But this time round, it is expected to be big and with a huge difference. Companies are patiently waiting for the day as they prepare to