Easy Way to Recover Lost Your Data

Easy way to recover your lost data 

Data can get lost without your knowledge. Once you discover what has happened, you should take quick action to ensure that you recover the lost data and return it to its rightful place.

data recovery in Orlando present an easy way to recover your lost data therefore you have to be ready to download one program to help you. The following are some of the things to be done so as to recover data easily. 

1. Check recycle bin 

This is one of the first things you should do because that is the place where deleted files stay temporarily. If you change your mind before emptying the recycle bin, you can restore the deleted files easily. However, large files may not go to the recycle bin and thus they are deleted permanently.

2. Stop accessing the drive instantly 

If you realize that the file you are looking for is not in the recycle bin, you should not delete or add anything new if you want to get them back. This is because a deleted file is set as overwritten, so if there no new data covering it, then it can be easily recovered. 

3. Download a data recovery program 

The data recovery program should be downloaded to another computer or a different drive so that you don’t risk overwriting the file that you are looking for. There are many free data recovery programs which include:

• Recuva

• Undelete plus

• PhotoRec

• Mini tool partition recovery

• Wise data recovery and many more 

There are some data programs that offer portable versions which you can run directly from the USB without having to install the program but if there isn’t, you should download it. 

4. Be specific in your search 

If you know the file name, you can use it to search or alternatively you can point the program to the disk where the file was stored or run it from a USB. Some programs offer an option for deep scan which you can use if the files you are looking for are not showing up easily. 

5. Save your files on a back drive 

Once your lost files starts showing, you should ensure that you save them on an external hard drive so that you do not stand the risk of losing them for the risk of losing them for the second time, apart from that, you should ensure that your computer has a backup system for all the files so that the next time they get lost, it won’t be as hard getting them back.


In most cases, data recovery and you can do it without any help. Once you have lost your files, you should be extra careful when doing anything on the computer and have a backup plan because you can never know if there is a loophole.